My Inspiration


Call it flow, muse, inspiration, the right moment or whatever else you may like. It doesn’t matter if you are a photographer, a painter, a musician, a designer or an actor – you could probably recall a lot of moments when the inspiration to create something has appeared in the weirdest places and things.

Well, I’ve got a story like that as well. Recently I’ve been working virtually 24/7. Lots of computer work, creating and fixing designs. As far as the former, coming up with an idea is sometimes extremely easy while other times I start browsing the internet until something catches my eye. The former is much more straightforward. There are rules in design that you must follow. That’s where you bring your initial, crazy, unlimited capacity idea into the frame of realistic design.

As I said, when I’m out of ideas, I’ll try anything. During a moment like this I’ve stumbled across an online casino named Leo Vegas kasino recension. Now, I will say that while many people have developed a fear for the things they know very little about, I’m sort of an adventurer. First of all, I already understand how a casino works, what are slots and what are classic games like but secondly, and most importantly, I’ve got nowhere to go. When I need ideas, I’ll try anything.

Anyway, long story short, trying out a few online casino games have brought me a ton of new design ideas for my new clothing line. It still needs to be named but I’m pretty sure it will have a lion or Leo in its name.

So, I guess there are a few lessons to learn here. First, don’t be afraid to try new things. After all, what’s the worst that can happen versus the best that can happen? And also, inspiration rarely comes to you while you wait. It’s an active process where more often than not you have to search, evaluate, brainstorm and create new ideas from everyday objects.